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Our twin goals of creativity and practicality call for the use of an array of skills, tools and techniques to provide the highest levels of service to our clients and projects. We use sophisticated two and three dimensional computer software to help prepare design and construction documents, aided by digital photography and video.

Due to the difficulty and inaccuracy of traditional preliminary pricing methods in renovation, reuse, and historic preservation projects, Miller Architectural Group uses a highly developed, sophisticated cost estimating technique. This method is ideally suited to new construction. A combination of national and local pricing databases, prior project information, client supplied information, and contractor input are used to establish unit prices for all the various elements of the work. It is then organized according the 15 CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) spec sections. The resulting document, called an Opinion of Probable Cost (OPC), is tabulated and can be updated throughout the design process to track the impact of the projects evolution. It also aids in the evaluation and project decision making process.

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